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Frequently asked questions.

Skip the line and book a free qualification call with one of our incentives experts right away.

How do I get started with CCC?

All new cases begin with qualification. Applying and qualifying for government incentives is a fastidious process in most cases... We like to make things simple for our clients. You can begin the qualification process by filling out a form on any of our site's page.

Do you offer loans?

We do not offer loans. We help businesses gain knowledge and access to government grants, tax credits and other fiscal opportunities. However, in some cases, we may refer to our partners that do offer loans and credit products.

Will I talk to a human in the process?

Absolutely! Although we take great pride in the automated systems we built to speed up and simplify your process, there is and always will be professional real-life human beings assigned to your case at every step of the way. A minimum of 4 people will be assigned to your case: the commercial associate responsible for booking you with an incentives expert, your incentives expert, your data collection specialist and your CPA.

What types of businesses qualify?

Some programs cater to specific industries but it is always worth taking a look whatever your sector. The more frequent qualification criteria are the number of years of existence and the number of employees. However, once again that should not discourage you to check if you qualify as there are also some startup programs available.

How long does it take?

Delays vary mostly according to your proactivity in providing required documents and the nature of the program applying to. As for the CCC process, we are extremely efficient. Qualification, data collection, accounting and filing can take us as little as 2 weeks if we can count on your timely cooperation.

How much do you charge?

Our fees are 100 % performance based. It is one of the perks of working with us. Our fee is a percentage of the claim size and varies according to the program. In most cases our pricing is close to 30% lower than competitors due to our extreme efficiency and high volumes of claims.

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Skip the line and book a free qualification call with one of our incentives experts right away.

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