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3,000+  1099s employees covered in the last 30 days!

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What can you offer your workers with our Benefit 360 HUB?

Workers: include: W2 and 1099 employees, full time and part time and even LLC contractors!

Unparalleled healthcare plans for a fraction of the cost.

Saving on your employees household bills.

Help with their retirement plan.

A dream vacation every year.

Unlimited Legal, Tax and CPA consultations

Many more highly needed and loved benefits.

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What is the Employee Retention Credit (ERC)?

The Employee Retention Credit (ERC) is an IRS tax credit created under the CARES Act and designed to help small businesses retain their employees during these difficult times.

It is currently one of the largest benefits available to business owners, delivering thousands of dollars per employee with qualified wages.

As a result of ERC expansion effective January 1, 2021, all employers who took PPP loans may be eligible for the ERC for 2020 and 2021.

Frequently asked questions.

Caesar Capital Consultants - FAQ

What Benefits are included in Benefit360?

360 Healthcare
Includes multiple plans that cover unlimited direct primary care, urgent care, medical specialists, telemedicine, mental health, alternative medicine and many more. All plans are available with no limitation on age and background conditions. **Plans Details**

360 Protection
Tax, Legal, financial planning services, Protection & Road Assistance Accounting ServicesFree tax preparation for 1040A, 1040EZ and 1040 CPA advice on federal taxes

Legal Services
Complimentary legal consultations covering matters like divorce, accidents, and traffic violations. Includes free living wills.

Financial Services / Retirement planning
Retirement, IRA, College, Debt Financial Advisor advice on federal taxes

Roadside Assistance
Assistance for flat tires, battery issues, lock-outs,  collisions, fuel needs, towing, and more. Coverage is nationwide.

ID Theft Protection
Identity Theft and Fraud Restoration, Credit Activity Monitoring and Alerts,  Document Replacement for Social Security Cards and Birth Certificates

Global Travel Services
Global Medical Assistance, Medical Evacuation, Emergency Travel Arrangements, Translation Services, Anywhere +100 miles from home

360 Savings
Our expert team negotiates improved rates with existing service providers, often achieving 30%-50% savings. Includes savings on utilities, cable packages, internet, and more.

360 Vacations
Workers choose 3-7 nights vacation in 30 US destinations and 50 International destinations.This program covers hotel fees (no timeshares!)

360 Restaurant Vouchers
Employers can buy a $200 restaurant voucher for just $20. Vouchers can be redeemed in national franchises as well as local restaurants. Usually used for Birthdays, Special Events.

Caesar Capital Consultants - FAQ

Are all benefits available for 1099ers as well?

Absolutely!  Our healthcare benefits extend to W2 employees, 1099 freelancers, and even those who are LLC contractors.

Caesar Capital Consultants - FAQ

What is the Benefit360 Hub?

The Benefit360 Hub is an online application (like a website) your workers will have secure access to. Once logged into the Hub workers can redeem the Benefits.

The Hub is customized with the employer's name and logo

Caesar Capital Consultants - FAQ

How long will it take to setup my Benefit360 Hub?

Within 7 to 10 days

Caesar Capital Consultants - FAQ

I am busy. What is my involvement?

We Handle Everything!



Communicating with your workers about their benefits - providing them a company website where they can review and pick benefits


Enrolling workers in the program they choose. Team of experts find the best solution for them.


Ongoing support before and after enrollment.